Thank you to one and all for being there and supporting us on our Wedding Day.

We had an absolutely fabulous time and it was great that so many of you, our  family and friends, were there  to share it with us.   Hopefully, you all enjoyed yourselves as well - the hubbub during the meal and afterwards in the Casino and bar was encouraging. 

Thank you again for your wonderful presents - Christmas has definitely come early !.  We look forward to sharing our newly found wine and spirits cellar  when you come to visit.

I know that many of you want to see the 'official' wedding photographs.  The link to the site is below and to access the site, enter: username . . . ''jenkins' ; password/date . . . '04122004'.

or and click 'view shoot' then click 'weddings'

The charity Casino raised 85 for Cancer / Diabetes research - thank you for your kind contributions.  We will be rounding it up to 100 and a cheque will will be sent shortly.  Winners were:


1st: Bottle of Champagne won by Craig 'the shark' Wightman (700)

2nd: Bottle of HMS Victory Port won by Alex Wainwright (390)

3rd: Bottle of Rioja won by Sue Clarke (190)

Love Gari and Wendi

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