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Guestbook Entries

Joe, Joanna, Harriet, Rosie and Roddy
15 November 2004

Hope everything goes wonderfully well and you have the happiest of days. We approve of the suggestion that fine wine would be appreciated - one of the many pleasures of married life is sharing a superb bottle of wine together. Our contribution to the cellar will be rather delayed as it may make sense to wait until we see you!

We are all delighted and wish you both all the very best.

Mini the Cat
13 November 2004

I am very sorry that I cannot join you both on your "special day" - as I will be tucking into a LARGE bowl of tuna a'la creme, sleeping (for 14 hours) and catching a special
wedding mouse for you both.   Love you!

6 November 2004

Looking forward to my Great Aunty Wendy's wedding, particularly as it gives me the opportunity to wear a new dress (and to cover it in banana!).

Rob Packwood
28 October 2004

Well well Aunty Wend.  Good to see you two are tying the knot . . . . great to see you the other weekend as well !

Special thanks go to Gari for including Match of the Day into the wedding schedule.  Quality!

Yvette and Phoebe
23 October 2004

CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding. 

We are looking forward to sharing the happy day with you.  We are off this afternoon to find some posh new outfits to do you proud on the day.

Much love

Rupert and Jo
16 October 2004

Many, many congratulations to you both - absolutely wonderful news. We can't wait to share your day with you.

Much love and best wishes.

Louise, Andy, Georgie and Ruby
13 October 2004

Fantastic news, can't wait for your 'big day'. 

We are all looking forward to seeing you both in your finery and sharing your special day.

Louise, Andy, Georgie and Ruby xxxx

Andy & Charlotte
6 October 2004

Looking forward to the big day with antici............... pation.

You are both looking fantastic and Paul and I will do everything in our power to ensure the big day goes down as a wonderful experience.

Thinking of you both.

23 September 2004

Have we got time for a round of golf before the ceremony?! 

Very comprehensive schedule - I'll be keeping an eye on the timing!!!  Seriously - it was great news and hope you'll both be really happy.

Trish & Chris
2 September 2004

Looking forward to my baby sister's my new outfit (and hers!) and to my new brother-in-law ( the first in 35 years! ).

Pamela & Dai
19 August 2004

At long last our wishes have been granted. 

   Gari - your choice of bride could not be bettered.
   Wendy - our thanks to you for choosing us as your in-laws.

Mum and Dad with love.

Sue and Terry
11 August 2004

Very many congratulations to you both, and all good wishes for your future life together.

Karen, Paul & Elin
7 August 2004

Huge congratulations on your engagement . . . . . .references to 'about time Gari' would simply be churlish !  Mrs Commander Jenkins in waiting, and her 'bling', are a perfect

match - both radiant.  We wish you every happiness for an exceptional life together.  Also, the website is a wonder, the work of pure genius!

Dave and Emma
4 August 2004

Can't wait for the wedding.  Delighted for you both. 



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